SAFA granted legal right to control school football

Soccer ball and goal post
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The South African Football Association (SAFA) says three years have been wasted and schools football suffered because of on-going court battles between itself and the South African School’s Football Association (SASFA).

It all ended on Monday with SAFA being granted the legal right to control school’s football in the country instead of SASFA.

SAFA will now come up with a plan to fast-track football development at schools with the help of former football legends countrywide.

The matter first went to the Johannesburg High Court in July 2016, and SASFA won the case and remained in control of school’s football.

SAFA School’s Football Committee Vice-Chairperson, Vincent Ramphago says that they want to grow school football as an integrated structure: “We also want to grow school’s football as an integrated structure across the country. We want to make sure that at schools, at least if we can have three teams two for boys and one for females, it will be better and we make sure we have that synergy that is needed.”

The newly elected committee that will administer school’s football is ready to work with everyone who’s willing to revive school’s football in South Africa.

There are almost 24 000 schools in South Africa, but football is only played in about 9 000 of them.

Former football players will be armed with formal coaching qualification, and will form an integral part of reviving football in schools.