Sadtu condemns violence against teachers

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Teacher’s union Sadtu has condemned violence against educators after a video clip showing a teacher being pelted with a notebook went viral on social media this week.

The Education Department says it is investigating the matter, which took place at the Three Rivers Secondary School in Sedibeng.

The union’s deputy general-secretary, Nkosana Dalopi says Sadtu has commended the teacher for acting in a professional way despite extreme provocation by the learner.

“We have seen or would have heard about a few instances where teachers would have been subjected to such kind of conduct. We are saying irrespective of what had happened, whatever the teacher could have said, it is still wrong for the learner to behave like that. You must remember learning and teaching can only take place in an environment with no violence. It must be a secure place where both the learners and the teachers feel safe. Only then that I think they would be able to reach their full potential.”