“SADC countries to work hard to ensure infrastructure development”

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The Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries must work hard to ensure infrastructure development and industrialisation. That’s according to President Jacob Zuma.

He was addressing the SADC Heads of Government meeting in Pretoria.

But President Zuma cautioned that peace and stability were fundamental to growth.

He says infrastructure is the key driver of industrialisation. But acknowledging there are still financial obstacles.

“Economies must work hard to ensure that we are not found wanting when we need to present our projects. Let us work hard.”

The outgoing chair, King Mswati III says one of the challenges facing SADC countries is energy.

“The challenges facing our region are the insufficient supply of energy, which is a key catalyst industrialisation. We have no doubt that the incoming chairperson will keep the momentum regarding our resolve to mobilise resources and finance our projects that will create a vibrant economic environment in our community.”

In his maiden speech, the new President of Seychelles, Danny Faure, called for peace and stability in the region.

Faure lambasted heads of state that wanted to over stay in office and called on heads of state to let democracy filter to the people. He also cautioned against dictatorship.

“I believe in the need to establish peace in order to progress forward as a nation lamenting and as a region. Our fellow brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of Lesotho and the Democratic Republic of Congo are in need of our support.”

Lesotho’s Prime Minister, Dr Thomas Thabane, thanked SADC for helping his country return to normal.

“Our coalition government therefore intends to implement all SADC decisions on Lesotho’s political and security situation.”

And a surprise message from the Lesotho Prime Minster.

“Your majesty and colleagues, I forgot an important part of my speech. The important part of my speech is the fact that on the 27th of August in Maseru, in our National Stadium, I will be getting married. When we get married in Lesotho, we kill a few cattle and sheep and those who like to have a lot of meat and to rejoice with us are invited.

“Formal invitations will be circulated to your different missions. Please come because I would like to rejoice with all of you. Thank you very much.”

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– By Lehana Tsotetsi