The South African Communist Party (SACP) says – with just under a month before the polls, campaigning is now the primary focus of the alliance.

This comes after the SACP welcomed the African National Congress’ (ANC) decision to provide a list of names to its Integrity Commission. Last week, the ANC announced that some of its members – appearing on its list for Parliament and provincial legislatures – could be removed if they don’t pass the scrutiny of its Integrity Commission.

The SACP’s first Deputy General Secretary, Solly Mapaila, has acknowledged the public’s concerns around the candidate list, but says the SACP remains firmly behind the ruling party.

“It has been an insult to the integrity of our movement that some of those people who have committed heinous problems are allowed to be a servant of the people. All of a sudden, some of them have returned and we have expressed our views regarding that, that it is not acceptable.”

“The main thing is that we have only 28 days to go. We will deal with these matters clearly and decisively and the integrity committee will be respected in its views. Our intention is to focus on the campaign and win the elections and then we will robustly engage these matters and resolve them once and for all,” adds Mapaila.

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