The South African Communist Party (SACP) says it will be looking to discuss the new political changes in the country at its first Central Committee meeting for 2018.

The party’s highest decision making body meets this weekend in Johannesburg.

In 2017 the SACP took a decision to contest the by-elections in the Metsimaholo Municipality, but the party is adamant that it will not contest the 2019 national elections outside the alliance.

SACP Second Deputy General Secretary Chris Matlhako says: “Yes we contested elections in Metsimaholo as a special dispensation, so we are not necessarily saying by elections that are going to occur all over the country we’ll be contesting.”

“Metsimaholo was a special dispensation after thorough analysis and evaluation of all of the factors a central committee decision was taken to contest that by-election.”

The party’s highest decision making body in between congresses is meeting from Friday until Sunday.

High on the agenda is also the making of proposals and suggestions within the ANC led alliance with Cosatu.

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