SACP condemns alleged abduction of Zimbabwean doctors’ union leader

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The South African Communist Party (SACP) has condemned the alleged abduction of Zimbabwean doctors’ union leader Peter Magombeyi by state operatives. The abduction allegedly happened last week, prompting a strike by medical practitioners, demanding his release.

Magombeyi was apparently able to send a WhatsApp message saying that he was being taken by three men.

The Southern Africa Director of Human Rights Watch, Dewa Mavhinga on Friday confirmed that Magombeyi was released.

“What happened in this case is that there is an alleged abduction and torture of the union leader, Dr Peter Magombeyi and other underhanded methods to try and break the strike. It’s also alleged that in the recent months 50 activists or more were abducted and brutalised. These acts are unwelcome in our region. We should not be silent, because these are the things that drive people out of their respective countries,” says SACP National Spokesperson, Alex Mashilo.

Mashilo has also called on the United States and its allies in the European Union to lift economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

“We are pledging solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, but we are also calling on the United States of America and European Union, allies of the US, to lift the sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe. But it must be tied to a democratic process that will bring an end to the suppression suffered by the people in Zimbabwe.”