The South African Communist Party (SACP) is calling on former President Jacob Zuma to publicly distance himself from all formations that intends to destabilise the ANC.

The communist party briefed the media after its three day central committee meeting held in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, on Sunday.

Under Zuma the alliance took a knock, forcing the communist party to decide whether or not to contest the upcoming 2019 national elections independently.

SACP Secretary General Dr Blade Nzimande says people continue to do things in his name, and Zuma should condemn it.

“The sentiment of the central committee is that comrade JZ must distance himself very strongly from this. It’s not enough for him to say what I was taught by the ANC I will never leave the ANC. But people are continuing doing things in his name. Like the formation of the political party. You need much more active distancing himself from that you know and say not in my name.”

The SACP has accused former African National Congress president of dividing the party and being involved in a fight-back.

The ANC is still reeling from results of its 54th National Elective Conference, where divisions were clearly visible with some showing support the CR17 campaign and others NDZ17.

“In this context we must neither exaggerate nor underestimate the attempts at a fight-back. In many ways former President Zuma is at the heart of this counter-revolutionary fight-back, together with a circle of discredited individuals, many themselves facing the likelihood of criminal prosecution.

“KwaZulu-Natal has become a seed-bed for this counter-revolutionary agenda, but with tentacles spreading into other provinces, those directly involved in soaring number of political assassinations and those behind them must be brought to book as a matter of urgency,” says SACP General Blade Nzimande.

SACP Deputy General Secretary Solly Mapaila says Zuma cannot afford to keep quiet during this time.

“It’s very clear that his voice that is quite unequivocal to distance himself from this group. It must come out much more clearly. And the ANC must also come out more clearly in this regard – so that they don’t just protect him because he is a former leader and continue to do wrong things and divide our movement.”

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