The South African Communist Party (SACP) has called on the youth to participate in the current public hearings on land expropriation.

The first deputy secretary of the party, Solly Mapaila spoke extensively on expropriation of land without compensation at the second annual Moses Kotane memorial lecture in Moretele in the North West today.

When addressing the issue of land, Mapaila emphasised that the wealth of the country should be shared among those who work it.

“We have to approach this question sober and clear, and not compromise about the need for land for our people. So, the land question doesn’t only involve the rural people, it also involves the urban masses, who have no access to land, who want to utilize the land for production, for development,” says Mapaila.

He also criticised the relationship between alliance partners, saying that it was time for things to change.

“We want to change the manner in which the alliance is functioning. So, when the alliance speaks, there should be unity of purpose of the alliance. There should be no petty interest of individuals. But it should be the collective interests of our people, embodied in the expression of the alliance” says SACP.

Moses Kotane, who was secretary general of the SACP from 1939 until his death in 1978 was lauded for paving the way for youth to actively and freely participate in the country’s politics.