SACCA, Fly SAX call for finalisation of SA Express sale

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The South African Cabin Crew Association (SACCA) and Fly SAX have called on the Department of Public Enterprises and the provisional liquidators of SA Express to finalise its sale.

The state-owned airline has been in provisional liquidation for almost two years after business rescue processes failed.

Fly SAX, a company founded by some SA Express workers, says the employees believe that they have been left destitute.

SACCA’s President, Zazi Nsibanyoni-Mugambi says, “As SACCA and Fly SAX we cannot just sit back and allow this airline to just crumble and fall. We have to at least try and salvage it in order for them to have a prospective future. We don’t understand who stands to benefit from this airline not continuing its journey with the employees at the helm.”

“This is why we are fighting so hard for this deal to be finalised. There is an offer on the table, stop ignoring this offer, finalise it and let’s get on with creating employment for the employees that have been left destitute by the actions of the government,” Nsibanyoni-Mugambi says.

Outstanding severance packages and salaries

Last year, SA Express liquidator said it remained unclear whether workers at the airline will get their outstanding severance packages and salaries.

The liquidator and Department of Public Enterprises appeared before the Select Portfolio Committee of Parliament to discuss progress on the matter.

SA Express has been in liquidation since May 2020. The liquidated airline owes creditors close to a billion rand.

According to the liquidator, Aviwe Ndyamara, SA Express assets are valued at just over R100 million but a preferred bidder to buy the airline, Fly Sax, is only offering half of that amount.

He added that to date workers are owed R183 million.

“The severance package R81 million, leave pay 43 salaries outstanding, 95 total claims is R183 million,” says Ndyamara.

Last year, workers embarked on pickets over outstanding salaries: