The South African Council of Churches (SACC) says it is ashamed by the level of corruption in all South Africa’s provinces. The SACC held a two-hour online service to launch its mass anti-corruption campaign.

The services started with church leaders from across the country lamenting, praying and protesting against COVID-19 corruption.

Presiding Minister at the launch, Bishop Zandile Myeni also spoke against, among other things, greed, cronyism, and patronage.

“We lament the disgusting allegations of corruption across the provinces of our country. We are ashamed of the levels of greed and self-interest. We lament those who have entrusted with public responsibility and authority have become susceptible to forms of patronage, bribery, and cronyism that undermine democratic decision making, fair and competitive processes in the awarding of business and administration of public services.”

In the video below, churches express disgust at allegations of PPE tender irregularities: 

SACC Vice President, Reverend Frank Chikane, called for ethical governance at all levels of society – including the church.

“We take this opportunity to call for ethical governance in the church, in government, and in business. We call for ethical leadership at all levels of our society, starting again from the church, to the government and the private sector. This country is deeply troubled by the number of unethical leaders and corrupt leaders we have, who strudel around and amongst us, without shame about what they are doing. They do so at the expense of the poor, they do so at the expense of the sick, they do so at the expense of those who are at the front-line to save lives in this country.”

In the video below, the SACC launches the COVID-19 anti-corruption campaign: