The SABC’s summer song of the year’ is causing waves.  It’s usually voted for by listeners of all the SABC’s 18 SABC radio stations.

But following a dispute about who came up with the concept, the country’s biggest radio station, Ukhozi FM, will not announce the 2019 song of the year on Tuesday, pending a court case in February 2020.

Owen Ndlovu, who said he partnered with the SABC in organising the event, has accused the public broadcaster of stealing his idea and running it on its own.

The SABC, in a statement, says all its radio stations except Ukhozi FM will do the countdown and announce their station’s respective song of the year.

But Ndlovu says the SABC is going against the court and is in violation of its contract by allowing the other stations to broadcast the song of the year feature.

“I didn’t challenge Ukhozi FM I challenged SABC. The judge was clear to say they must not announce any song of the year. By the way, the judge didn’t say that only Ukhozi must not announce it. We agree that they must not announce anything. So no one can announce song of the year because the contract I have binds all 18 radio stations of SABC.”

SABC GE Radio, Nada Wotshela gives clarity…