SABC sexual harassment victims’ names to be handed over to board

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Chairperson of the inquiry into sexual harassment at the SABC says the board will be given the names of all the current and former employees who allege to have been victimised at the public broadcaster.

The names will not however be released to the public.

Barbara Watson says they will also hand over the names of whistle-blowers to the board but not before they get guarantees that those people will not lose their jobs.

Most cases reported came from Lotus FM and Channel Africa.

Watson says, “The cases where miss x has come and said so and so sexually harassed me, I reported the matter, it was hushed hushed or it was not handled, those there are names yes.”

“The ones where we have held back certain names are the ones that came from the whistle- blowers because in the first place the whistle- blower does not want their name disclosed for fear of their own loss of jobs. So that list we are going to hand it over to the SABC but we first need to work out certain guarantees,” adds Watson.