Emergency services are on standby at the SABC after a diesel leak at its Radio Park building in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Staff members have been evacuated and an emergency executive meeting is underway to discuss the spillage. Stations such as Metro FM, Five FM and Radio 2000 have been affected.

There was a diesel leak from the generator back up tank on the 15th floor of the radio park building. The diesel spilled down the lift shaft and pooled in the base of the lift.

Emergency services are on standby for any possible issues. Only the building maintenance team, a few journalists and security staff are allowed in the building.

In a statement the SABC has said, ” There was a power outage earlier this morning which resulted in the SABC’s internal systems switching from City Power to the back-up generator.  Due to the aging and failure of the equipment, this led to the diesel tank overflowing.”

The statement further read, “The health and safety of SABC employees is of paramount importance and, as a precautionary measure, all our employees from the Radio Park building have been safely evacuated.”