SABC News journalist, Prabashini Moodley, has received the prestigious CIPLA Choice Mental Health Journalism Award from the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

The coveted award recognises outstanding journalistic work in covering stories related to mental health in South Africa.

Moodley focuses on an array of mental health issues, with a particular focus on those who are in denial about their illness.

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Moodley’s win was announced at an online press briefing by journalist and author, Marion Scher.

“The Standard in broadcast was so high and we kept saying, yes this one deserves another award. Cipla came forward with a CIPLA Choice Award and we giving it to Prabashini. Very experienced, her work we know is fantastic and her involvement in mental health. We are absolutely thrilled to give Prabashini this award which we created because your entry was so good.”

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