The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) says internal disciplinary hearings of employees implicated in alleged sexual harassment will begin, once the process of suspending them is complete.

Five of the public broadcaster’s employees have so far been suspended, with more suspensions expected on Monday.

The alleged perpetrators were served with notices to make written submissions as to why their preliminary suspensions should not be made final.

Group Executive for Human Resources, Jonathan Thekiso says a panel of external, independent people will be appointed to ensure that the disciplinary hearings are fair.

“The investigation is going to be done internally. Let’s talk about the disciplinary process… the initiators are going to be internal – for instance, if there’s an alleged perpetrator in my area, me being the line manager will be the initiator. To make sure that there’s objectivity around the process, we are going to appoint external chairpersons to make sure that the process is expedited, and that the process is as objective for us, and to be guaranteed objectivity from both sides, it’s important for the organisation to bring on board people who are impartial,” says Thekiso.

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