The SABC‘s Radio Park Building in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, has been declared safe for occupation.

A fire broke out at a canteen earlier on Tuesday and staff were evacuated.

Fifteen staff members who had suffered from smoke inhalation and burn wounds, have been hospitalised after a fire broke out.

ER24 Russel Meiring says, “The injuries sustained by the patients range from mild smoke inhalation to minor and severe burn injuries. Patients were treated and transported to a nearby private hospital.”

Earlier in 2019, the same building had to be evacuated following a diesel spillage on the 15th floor.

Human Resources Group Executive, Jonathan Thekiso says fire chief declared the building safe.

“We are told that the fire chief has declared the building safe. We have located what the cause of the fire was. It was in the K1 kitchen. Apparently, the DV box is charred and they will be fixing it in the next couple of days. We won’t be able to use the canteen for now, but we can use the other canteens that are available within the campus,” says Thekiso.