SAB urges government to reconsider alcohol ban

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South African Breweries (SAB) is calling on government to reconsider its recent alcohol ban.

In a statement, the company says it does not believe the legal sale of alcohol and beer is the primary contributor to the rising rate of COVID-19 infections.

It neither believes it has proven to contribute to the spike in trauma cases in hospitals.

SAB says it shares government’s concerns regarding the rise in coronavirus cases, but adds that the ban will increase illicit alcohol trade.

The company has also added its voice in appealing for a deferment of R5-billion in excise tax due to the renewed alcohol ban.

It is seeking further engagements with government on how long the suspension will last.

Ban impacting informal traders

The ban on alcohol sales is thrashing the informal liquor trading sector.

In rural Eastern Cape, taverns are a source of income for most women.

The prohibition has brought hunger and desperation to their families. They rely on the largest beer distributing warehouse in Mthatha, the Sussens Group.

Its closure is also bound to cause job losses, as the video below outlines:

-Additional reporting by Nkululeko Nyembezi