The management at South African Airways (SAA) has assured customers that business will continue unhindered despite today’s picket by workers. The national carrier says all the new agreements reached with workers were negotiated fairly and equitably.

Its response comes as workers represented by Numsa and Sacca held a picket on Tuesday morning at Airways Park over what they consider to be unfair working conditions.

Workers say they are not happy with a 35% cut on salaries, a bloated management structure, and the CEO’s unwillingness to engage with unions.

Head of HR at SAA, Mpho Letlape addressed workers as she accepted the unions’ petition in Kempton Park.

“We will not and I repeat not be able to go back to everything that existed pre-business rescue. I think you, yourself, are aware of some of the practices that happened there that cannot be continued. You, yourself, are aware of the work that we did to cancel the regulating agreement, because it was not sustainable. We had to come in and we had to act on the mandate that was given as an interim executive.”

SAA workers picket over 35% wage cut, bloated management: