SAA, Angolan Airways sign off code sharing scheme deal

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South African Airways (SAA) says a code sharing scheme between itself and Angolan Airways will provide reduced operation costs for the two airlines and more flights for passengers.

The two airlines have signed off the deal despite a long overdue debt of R1 billion for airline tickets owed to SAA.

The deal means that passengers can board either of the two airlines with a single ticket and that direct flights from Johannesburg to Luanda and from Cape Town to Luanda will be available on a more frequent basis.

The deal is also expected to enhance trade between the two countries.

SAA has similar code sharing agreements with Mauritius, Rwanda, Egypt and Ethiopia.

“The customers will have a wider variety of choice in terms of the destination that they are travelling and days they want to travel, it will also have benefit for the airlines in terms of the operating costs and each airline can secure a seat regardless of where the passenger has secured a ticket,” says SAA Spokesperson Tlali Tlali.

SAA says that Angolan airlines has begun to pay some of its R1 billion debt for airline tickets. The debt has been in existence for more than a year and half.

“It is a matter that is currently receiving attention between the two governments and we should be able to make an announcement on the progress when we are ready to do so.”

A code sharing agreement between the two countries will be implemented on the 15 January and SAA is confident that it will help enhance capacity and reduce operational costs. Click below for more on the story: