‘SA will remain on Stage 6 of rolling blackouts if Eskom problems are not addressed’

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Energy Expert Matthew Cruise, says South Africa could remain on Stage 6 of rolling blackouts for the rest of 2023, if the problems at Eskom are not urgently addressed.  

On Wednesday, the power utility announced that rolling blackouts would be escalated to stage six indefinitely after it suffered breakdowns at 11 of its power stations. 

 The City of Johannesburg has called on residents to report theft and damage to infrastructure, particularly cables.  

Cruise says it’s worrying on solution is in sight to address the country’s energy crisis.

“One thing I want to point out about Eskom being on Stage 6 load shedding being indefinitely means it could be infinitely long. We might be on stage 6 forever and there’s a possibility of Eskom saying that its indefinite because previously they would let us know that it would reduce in a weeks’ time or couple of days’ time and they have not said that and that’s very concerning because it means that they don’t even know themselves how they will be the country’s power need by next week. We could have load shedding for 10 years because there are no quick fixes, no matter what the government does. This year, it’s possible that we could have load shedding every single day of the year.” 

Energy department to oversee Eskom: