SA will never be sold to the highest bidder: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says government will never hand South Africa to any other country, entity or sell it to the highest bidder.

Ramaphosa said this during his oral reply session in the National Council of Provinces.

He was asked a question on whether government will hand over its assets to China if Eskom is unable to honour the R30 billion loan agreement between it and the China Development Bank.

Ramaphosa says Eskom had previously entered into loan agreements with the African Development Bank, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund without South Africa losing its sovereignty.

“We have always sought to protect our right to our assets and we have never been reckless as to end up in a situation where our assets are finally taken over by others where there is any form of foreclosure on the debt that could have been entered into. So we are not going to do that, I can give you that assurance. This government has been in government for almost 25 years – and for 25 years we have not sold South Africa, not even to the highest bidder. We have not sold the soul of South Africa to the highest bidder. And those who may have tried,  in the end will fail completely,” says Ramaphosa.

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