SA weather service warns of more rains

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The South African Weather Service has warned Johannesburg residents to brace themselves for more rains on Saturday night after severe flooding hit large parts of the metro due to overnight downpour.

Several rivers and streams burst their banks and scores of homes were flooded.

Meanwhile, some residents of Kliptown in Soweto have nowhere to sleep tonight after their houses were flooded.

The residents that have been affected in Kliptown live near the banks of the Klipriver.

Several houses have been flooded in Kliptown, leaving residents without shelter. Some say all their belongings were swept away and all they have left is the clothes they are wearing. Their furniture has also been damaged as some houses are half-filled with water.

The plastic toilets that have been provided by the municipality are floating in the water.

They have appealed to the government to move them to a safe area as they say they experience these problems every time there are heavy rains, adding that a toddler was swept away by floods in the area two years ago.

Meanwhile, Johannesburg Metro Police Department senior Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar has advised motorists to be cautious on wet roads.

“We’re likely to see some more flooding on roads around Jukskei River, Rabie Road in Randburg. Those are the roads that at likely to flood again should it rain. We encourage drivers not to drive through water, where there’s river water over a road, either turn around or take an alternative route,” explains Minnaar.