SA, United Arab Emirates conclude Joint Commission

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South Africa and the United Arab Emirates  have concluded their two-day Joint Commission held in Pretoria. Both countries commended the increase in bilateral trade and further agreed to expand the scope of trade and investment cooperation.

The 2nd Session of the Joint Commission took place in a year when both countries celebrate what they call Mandela Zayed. This is a tribute to the two founding fathers of both South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Various issues of mutual interest both in the political and economic fields were discussed. In July, the UAE committed US$10 billion for the creation of a Joint Investment Fund.

Pretoria recognised money laundering and illicit financial flows as a specific high risk to be prioritised and  proposed to sign a MoU on anti-money laundering between the two countries.

An agreement in the field of social development was also signed. The situation in the Middle East also came to the fore.

The parties agreed that protecting civilians in Yemen remains a key priority.

The countries also agreed that lasting peace between Israel and Palestine should be sought.

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