SA Tourism says industry leaders are working on resolving issues around vaccine passports and restoring international travel.

This as countries across the globe announce vaccine passports – which allow their citizens to use as proof of vaccination to travel overseas.

The absence of international tourists coupled with lockdown restrictions – have resulted in financial difficulties for several businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

SA Tourism CEO, Sisa Ntshona, says the industry is likely to begin recovering after the coronavirus vaccine is rolled out nationally.

“It’s all about everyone managing the risks into each country and understanding people’s history in terms of the medical side. I think once everyone has that information they will be able to make informed decisions about whom they choose to let into the country or not. We are still debating about which operating system to use in the computer that is universal.

It is going to be a bit of a struggle in terms of deciding the powers that be of each country and which vaccine they see fit for entry and others. Otherwise, if you look at it through the lens of the tourist travellor, you almost need to figure out which vaccine you need to visit each country, isn’t it?”

Ntshona elaborates on this in the audio clip below:

Focus on the recovery of SA tourism: