SA to utilise seat at UNSC for brokering peace

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Minister of International Relations and Corporations, Lindiwe Sisulu says South Africa is committed to using the UN Security Council seat to broker peace across the world, including the Middle East.

On Sunday, she visited the Grace Bible Church in Soweto, where she highlighted the country’s commitment in enhancing the African Union (AU) mandate to meditation of peace amongst warring nations.

She was accompanied by the Ambassadors of China, Lin Songtian and Martin Schafer who represents Germany in South Africa.

The visit to Grace Bible Church follows a historic summit between the US President Donald Trump and his North Korea Republic counterpart, Kim Jong-Un. The summit came as a relief to the diplomatic world.

Now Sisulu says she wishes to see other countries being included in similar pacts to stop the threats of nuclear weapons.

“It’s a good sign for us that we are now beginning to tackle countries that amassing nuclear weapons. We were concerned about it. We’re hoping that something can be done equal in the same way as it done to North Korea to other countries such as Iran.”

Sisulu says South Africa is ready to resume her role as a peace broker. After winning the UN Security Council seat last week, the country is now ready to strive for world peace, including the Middle East – between Israel and Palestine.

“This is what we stood at the UN Security Council for. Here we are, we want to honour Madiba by ensuring that there is peace across the world. The AU has taken a decision which is almost binding and resolution to all of us to extend that is possible to silence all the guns by 2020. And we would like to see that happening in our life time.”

Meanwhile, the German Ambassador to South Africa, Martin Schafer says Berlin will cooperate with Pretoria at the UN Security Council to push for world peace.

In Soweto, Sisulu was joined by the Chinese Ambassador, Lin Songtian who offered 60 scholarships to the South African youth to study for their Master’s Degrees in his homeland. The number of bursaries may be expanded.

Songtian says: “We are ready to fight together for the youth, for the future of the country. If we are united and committed everything could be possible.”

Their visit at the Grace Bible Church was widely welcomed by Bishop Musa Sono. He says it’s for these leaders in society that South Africa continues to be a prosperous country – an inspiration to other African countries.

“The good thing is that they are not actually fussy about which qualification they and I think it’s a great opportunity; and I believe our young will take that up.”

South Africa and China are both hoping for a resolution in the Korean Peninsula – which will see peace and security spreading across the world.