President Cyril Ramaphosa says the country’s economy stands to benefit from the technology industry. Ramaphosa says more technical schools will be introduced as a step towards providing skills to the youth. He was addressing scores of young people at the main Youth Day celebrations in Polokwane.

“Young people who want to follow a technical route to acquire skills that are needed in our economy should have opportunities to do so from a very young age, coding and data analytics are being introduced as school subjects. At last year’s presidential jobs summit we agreed on a number of initiatives to accelerate the skilling to take advantage of jobs in the tech industry,” says President Ramaphosa.

Government is committed to provide the youth with all available opportunities to deal with the unemployment challenge. President Cyril Ramaphosa told the National Youth Day celebrations in Polokwane that they are also renewing the education system.

“While we realise that there is still much to be done, in youth we are committed to provide our young people with all opportunities possible to realise their potential and this begins with education,” says the President.