Selfies and hashtags might be a bit much for some but it did get South Africa to new heights! Four picturesque areas in the Northern Cape have contributed to South Africa attaining 5th spot as the world’s most instagrammable places.

A snap here a picture there and of course posting it on social media brought some of the most scenic and breath-taking places to the eyes of the world. Some, like the waterfall, are already world renowned .

The Namaqualand showing its spring daisies and the Kalahari is among the top likes. Tourism authorities are also excited and have urged people to take a shot-left and of course post their memories online. Augrabies park manager, Frans van Rooyen, says this development is important for the expansion of the parks.

“People, they love social media. It’s actually where they live nowadays. So the fact that people are sharing on Instagram and on other social platforms shows that more and more young people are becoming interested. The calmness and the beauty of nature and really that’s a benefit to us.”

Watch video below: