SA supports a negotiated settlement on DRC election results dispute

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South Africa says it agrees with Southern African Development Community (SADEC’s) organ on defence and politics’ Chair Edgar Lungu who has proposed that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)   stakeholders consider a negotiated settlement on the disputed presidential elections results.

Earlier, South Africa’s International Relations Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said they would support seeking ways to solve the current impasse in the DRC that can be endorsed by all stakeholders in the DRC.

Sisulu says that South Africa, as a UN Security Council non-permanent member, has proposed a mediation team to the DRC while the country  awaits the outcome of the Constitutional Court challenge by the loser of the election Martin Fayulu .

“The proposal from SA that we send the mediating team was not to pre-empt what would be done, but to say in addition to anything else, which is what we are proposing should happen going through the Constitutional Court. In addition to that, we would consider, as the UN Security Council, sending a mediating team to make sure that the peace that prevailed in the DRC prevails right through until the final outcome of the results and the final outcome of the Constitutional Court.”