SA seeing ‘ promising decline in confirmed cases’: CSIR

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The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) says a significant decrease in new COVID-19 infections points to a decline in the third wave of the pandemic in South Africa.

According to the latest figures, an average of 8 100 new cases were recorded per day over the past week.

This is 26% lower than the previous week.  ‘

Senior Researcher at the CSIR, Dr. Ridhwaan Suliman says the drop in cases is confirmed by the decline in the test positivity rate.

“The decline in confirmed cases that we have seen is not just an artefact of decreased testing but is a real decline that we are seeing now. The test positivity rate it is still high but is promisingly coming down by just under 20% a week ago. It does indicate that one in every six tests being conducted currently is coming back positive, but I think promisingly it is on a decline.”

The country has recorded 5 931 new infection since the last reporting period, bringing the cumulative number of laboratory-confirmed cases to 2 819 945.

With 76 new fatalities, the death toll now stands at 83 419.