There is renewed hope for the development of rugby in Eastern Cape’s rural areas. Former Springboks have put eighty rural kids through their paces in East London. The initiative is spearheaded by the South African Rugby Legends Association.

It was a fun day as the young stars learned the basics of the game ,handling the ball, tackling, defensive skills and rugby rules. It is best to catch them early and nurture their natural instincts and raw talent.

“We are trying to inspire them to reach for further heights. This is quite important for rural kids as they don’t receive the same support as kids from urban areas. We want to help them and enhance their future and will capacitate them academically as well,” says former Springbok women’s captain Mandisa Williams.

The rural learners are enthusiastic. They too dream of donning the Springbok jersey one day.  Eastern Cape has a rich rugby tradition and organisers believe the region is worthy to invest in.

“South African rugby legends association which is your old Springboks have asked us to come down to East London to come and do a case study and assist Robbie so that he can take development to the next level in this area,” said SA rural rugby development’s Pieter Botes.

It is hoped that the province will continue to produce rugby players who can compete at the highest level.