As South Africa observes International Day for Older Persons, two Limpopo centenarians have advised young people to take better care of their health.

114-year-old Nditsheni Singo and her 100-year-old brother say the secret to longevity is a healthy diet and leading an active life.


According to her identity document, Nditsheni Singo was born on the 2nd of August in 1904.

Singo and her younger brother, Samuel Ramugondo, who turned 100 in 2018, were the only children from their mother, who died at the age of 135 in 2001.

Singo’s great-grandchildren say they feel blessed to have her in their lives.

“During holidays, I come here so that I can spend my holiday with Gugu. She is friendly and I learnt eating dried vegetables from Gugu that she made herself. She always tells me that I must continue with my studies and that I must love God. I have learnt that I must respect people.”

The two elderly siblings collectively had about 30 children, some of whom are now deceased, and more than 100 grandchildren, and about 30 great grandchildren.

Ramugondo’s daughter Tendani Ramugondo says she hopes to live as long as the pair.

“He taught us to be confident in life, to be educated and to believe in yourself that God comes first in everything we do. He eats only vegetable and fruit. Venda organic food is his favourite thing. It makes me confident that maybe I can reach a 100 because my aunt is 110.”

Singo and her brother say it is important for young people to live active lives. The elderly siblings enjoy walking around their respective yards, with the assistance of walking sticks, as often as possible.