SA leaders still struggling to improve lives of people: Godi

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African People’s Convention leader Themba Godi has told the Western Cape Provincial General Council (PGC) how Burkina Faso’s late former president Thomas Sankara was able to transform his country in a very short time.

Godi compared Sankara to South Africa leaders, saying 24 years into democracy; they are still struggling to improve the lives of the people.

The PGC forms part of the APC’s preparations for the 2019 general election. Godi addressed scores of PGC delegates in Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats.

“Thomas Sankara transformed Burkina Faso in four years. Four years, he transformed it upside down and changed the lives of the people for the better. And now the ANC how many years? Twenty four years and they are still coming into these elections and promise, we will-we will. There is nothing new to promise because jobs were there in their posters in 1994. In 1999 they had a poster that was written jobs-jobs-jobs. And those jobs have never come and they will not come because the macroeconomic policy that was created by the Boers to benefit them, – that macroeconomic policy has not changed which means money in the country is made by the four big banks. The Reserve Bank only makes about five percent of the money that we need in this country.”