SA in urgent need of short-term generation capacity to survive winter: Green Connection

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Environmental group, the Green Connection, says South Africa needs short-term generation capacity urgently, including solar, to get through this winter.

The group was reacting to the Department of Transport’s decision to grant power company, Karpowership, access to three ports.

The company will have access to the Ngqura, Durban and Saldanha Bay ports for 20 years. But this approval is still subject to environmental approval.

Green Connection’s Strategic Lead, Liz McDaid, says environmental approval has so far not been successful.

“I don’t think that the Karpower is coming any time soon. In any case, it’s not going to help us with load shedding this winter because it would take another 12 months if they started today. From the time they get approvals, they still need 12 months. Karpower is not what we need in South Africa. What we need is a short-term generation that can contribute to the grid very speedily.”

Stage 8 looming 

Meanwhile, Eskom says winter is expected to be challenging with the likelihood of Stage 8 rolling blackouts.

The power utility’s Acting CEO Callib Cassim says they are entering the season with 3 000 megawatts less generation capacity due to breakdowns at three units at Kusile and one unit at Koeberg.

VIDEO | Eskom warns of possibility of Stage 8 blackouts in winter: