SA faced with very important choice in 2024 elections: Jardine

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Former First Rand CEO and businessman, Roger Jardine says South Africans will be faced with a very important choice in the upcoming 2024 elections. Jardine was speaking at the launch of the newly formed “Change Starts Now” movement in Riverlea, Johannesburg today.

The new movement is set to challenge the upcoming elections in an effort to bring the ANC below the 50 percent majority.

Jardine says that South Africans can either choose to vote for the ANC to remain in power or vote for change.

“We have keenly observed and examined the increasingly chaotic meandering of a government without a plan, a state without ideas, a public service without leadership and a political establishment with no store of imagination. All of these today seemingly are unable to find a way back to the path of progress. In 2024 we will be faced with a choice to continue down a path that we are on. Either by continuing to place faith in a party that has abandoned its principles, its missions and our people by standing on the sidelines or we can try to change the road that we are on.”