SA Express on its way to recovery

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South African Express has told Parliament’s Select Committee on Public Enterprises that it is now on the way to recovery. The airline has been extended a lifeline by government after it was grounded last week by the Airports Company for failure to pay its debts.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Siza Mzimela says they are in the process of ensuring that they operate 15 aircrafts instead of the current 11.

The company says it is also trying to improve it’s on-time performance.

“We’ve lost probably seven months of what we would have wanted to do as a delay relating to the working capital requirements of the business. But we are playing catch-up and we are happy to report that even with some of all (the things) we experienced last week, in terms of our load factors on our flights, they are looking very positive. We are going out with full flights to places like Botswana, Lubumbashi and even Bloemfontein.”