SA encouraged by positive developments in the Korean Peninsula

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It has been a historic day for the two Koreas. For the first time in history, a North Korean leader has set foot on South Korean soil. As did the South Korean President set foot briefly on North Korean soil.

The symbolic gesture could pave the way for peace and usher in fresh diplomatic relations between the erstwhile enemies.

An historic meeting between the two presidents is a symbolic gesture of peace. The leaders from both countries walked and chatted on a historical border “footbridge.”

It coincided with an afternoon session of inter-Korea talks. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in spoke on a bench near a rusted old sign that indicates the military demarcation line.

The “Footbridge” was built over a marshland in Panmonjum area to shorten the route taken by Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission officers after the Armistice Agreement was concluded.

South Korean Presidential Blue House said that work to widen and extend the bridge was taken as part of preparations for the Inter-Korean Summit. The talks have been hailed by many. South Africa says it is encouraged by the positive developments on the Korean Peninsula.

Pretoria noted that it includes all sides promoting direct contact and dialogue to ensure permanent solutions. It says it fully supports this initiative in the interest of peace and security for the region and the moment many have been waiting for.

It is a historic day, but a lot needs to be done by the region and the world to ensure that peace is achieved in the Korean Peninsula.


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