SA commits to facilitate lasting peace in Mozambique

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President Jacob Zuma has lauded efforts by h counterpart Filipe Jacinto Nyusi to engage the leadership of the Renamo opposition movement to curb the resurgence of political violence in the restive southern African state.

The former guerrilla movement has launched a series of attacks in some northern and central parts of Mozambique.

Since 2013, tensions have risen as Renamo fighters took up arms in a battle that it says is against a Frelimo elite who have enriched themselves at the expense of the country.

After holding bilateral talks with President Zuma in the capital Maputo on Friday, Nyusi, thanked the South African government for mediating a peace dialogue between the ruling Frelimo party and the opposition.

President Zuma had in turn committed his administration to continue its mediation role to convince the country’s warring factions to avert another wave of a bloody civil war.

“South Africa will continue to support Mozambique towards the attainment of lasting peace. Mr President, I commend you for your continued commitment towards achieving lasting peace through reaching out to the leader of Renamo as demonstrated by the recent meeting. You have our full support in this quest for peace.”

– By Tshepo Ikaneng