Musicians Danny K and Kabelo “Bouga Luv” Mabalane are among the throng of volunteers getting their hands dirty as part of a campaign to clean the shopping malls that have been damaged and looted.

They have joined the community of Soweto and the surrounding area to clean the Jabulani Mall –  one of the shopping centres that was destroyed and looted this week.


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Many have brought their own brooms, are dressed in work overalls and are excited to be part of this cleanup campaign.

On Thursday, many of them who had come to clean were left frustrated and disappointed after being told that they will not be allowed in because the mall was a crime scene and police investigations were still continuing.

Danny K and Bouga Luv spoke to SABC News at Jabulani mall in Soweto.

“As dark as the hour may seem, I think it is incredibly encouraging that as a nation, we have a spirit that is endearing a spirit that says we won’t quit. That’s the same spirit that carries South Africans.”

“Look, it is important for us to be here. I feel the anger has been justified. People are hungrier. You can’t try reason with a person on a hungry stomach. But that said, they have broken, they have pillaged. But we are here to fix up and clean up because we still believe in project South Africa,” adds he adds.