More must be done to honour women like Albertina Sisulu: analysts

Albertina Sisulu
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As South Africa celebrates the centenary of struggle icon Albertina Sisulu in 2018, some believe her role in the country’s liberation struggle hasn’t been documented sufficiently.

Analysts say South Africa must look at ways of rewriting its history to highlight the contributions made by women including Sisulu in the fight against apartheid.

Sisulu was crucial in the defiance campaign in 1952, organising women through the federation of South African Women. Sisulu led the United Democratic Front when the African National Congress (ANC) was banned in the country.

ANC Womens League’s (ANCWL) Nomvula Mokonyane says:”When leaders of the ANC were banned, Sisulu’s name was called as the leader of the ANC under the banner of the UDF and ANC.”

Trying to find archives of Sisulu and her role in the history of South Africa is a challenge.

Political analyst Robert Mongwe says: “The challenge is with us the academics, we have not foregrounded the role that women have played in the struggle and the role Sisulu played, if you look at Sisulu’s role in the UDF.”

She was much more than an activist. The mother of five raised her children, despite being arrested and banned a number of times.

Her great love for primary health care touched many.

Using her example young people have been encouraged never to give up hope for a better life.

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