SA alcohol industry supports new limitations on trading hours

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The South African Alcohol Industry says it supports the new limitations on the sale of alcohol but says it will cause sales disruptions at liquor retail outlets.

In his address to the nation on Monday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced new national restrictions as the country faces a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

President Ramaphosa says the sale of alcohol will only be permitted between 10am and 6pm, from Monday to Thursday at retail outlets. The consumption of alcohol has been banned in public places such as beaches and parks.

The spokesperson for the Liquor Industry Sibani Mngadi says, “We understand the public health issue that is facing us and we fully support the President’s call that we need to pull together. But I think the concerning area is the limitation on the bottle stores side because it does affect them quite significantly and we may see a loss in jobs in that space, it brings imbalance in the channels that we operate in.”

“Over the weekend you don’t have any other option other than what we call on-trade sale at bars and taverns, whereas other people would have preferred to purchase for home consumption which we do believe is safer,” added Mngadi.

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