Two meerkats at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in the Southern Cape have become proud parents to not one but four adorable pups.

It has been 12 years since the last baby meerkat was born at the ranch. Two-year-old Macy was donated to the ranch after being raised and kept by humans.

Her owners heard that a lonely male was looking for company.  Although the courtship was arranged the pair hit it off instantly. A few months later the adorable babies were born.

The furry pups have grabbed the attention of many with visitors flocking to the ranch to catch a glimpse.

The ranch also rescues and rehabilitates wild animals kept illegally as pets. Unfortunately, Macy will never be released back into the wild because she was a pet.

In a few weeks’ time the ranch will reveal the gender of the pups. In the meantime, management has asked people to go onto their Facebook page and suggest names for  the  interesting small mammals with some of the most complex behaviours in the eco system.