Rwanda, DRC relations on the mend

Presidents Paul Kgame and Felix Tshisekedi
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The relations between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are on the mend. Presidents Paul Kagame and Felix Tshisekedi participated in a presidential panel during the Africa CEO Forum in Kigali Rwanda.

The two leaders addressed issues that have shaped the largely frosty bilateral ties between the neighbouring countries. These often affected integration initiatives such as cross-border trade due to conflict and resultant insecurity.

The Great Lakes region is the richest on the continent, but the conflict has derailed its development. The two Presidents agree that regional instability can only be resolved by leaders who want to see progress in Africa.

Rwanda President Kagame says that they must make peace as countries that share borders. He further says that Kigali is willing to make peace with Kinshasa.

The reconciliatory tone comes at a time when Africa is facing an energy crisis. Many believe the DRC’s Inga Dam could generate hydroelectric power. This would enable half of the continent to source power from it.

Conflict has led to the delay in implementing this grand plan, but the new DRC leader is promising to attend to this matter.

DRC President Tshisekedi says that his country will revive the Inga Dam project. He further indicates that peace and stability are important for the success of the project.

Business on the continent believes there must be a political will from African leaders for this to happen.

Goldman Sachs CEO, Nil Coleman, says that what is holding back the African continent is the lack of political will to address challenges facing the continent. As a result, projects are not completed and plans are not implemented.

Tshisekedi is still facing a tough challenge of setting up a government and this issue is likely to affect his plans.


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