Kenya‘s Deputy President, William Ruto, says the governing Jubilee party has no problem with the country’s electoral commission meeting conditions set by the opposition ahead of fresh presidential elections due later this month.

Last week, opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew from the presidential race, indicating that the electoral commission had failed to meet opposition demands that would guarantee transparent elections.

Ruto, however, says the opposition has sensed defeat and is therefore seeking to save face through a negotiated political statement.

Ruto, who has previously criticised the demands by the opposition, now says Jubilee party is ready to participate in the fresh presidential elections, even if the electoral commission opts to meet a raft of demands set by the opposition.

“If they agree on a different printer we have no problem, if they agree on a different supplier we have no problem. Al we are interested in is that there will be ballot papers and there will be an election.”

Odinga withdrew from the elections saying that the electoral commission has failed to meet the opposition’s demands, which would guarantee transparent elections as directed by the Supreme Court while annulling the August 8th presidential elections.

William Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya says, “Mr. Odinga is running away from a humiliating defeat and that’s the essence of all this and of course he has to find this excuse and that excuse to try and justify his exit.”

Odinga’s withdrawal from the race and his calls for daily demonstrations to push for reforms have caused fears the current political stalemate will deepen.

Jubilee party says there is no crisis, “By formenting riots they want the international community to force Kenyans negotiate in an unconstitutional manner against the dictates of the constitution, so it is a manufactured situation to create a political end and that is what we must resist.”

Odinga has denied that he is pushing for a power-sharing deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is seeking a second and final presidential term.

Tuesday 17 October 2017 16:40

Sarah Kimani