Rustlers syndicate accused of stealing stock around Kruger National Park

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Communal livestock farmers in the Mhinga area, northern side of the Kruger National Park, in Limpopo say they are losing their cattle to rustlers from Mozambique. The farmers say the rustlers cut the park fence and drive their cattle into Mozambique.

A few weeks ago, rangers intercepted a herd of cattle being driven through the park. No one has been arrested. The communal farmers say some of their livestock have been found in the villages in Mozambique. They say livestock theft is affecting their livelihoods.

“I lost five cattle I am so distressed what bothers me is that it appears the thieves are in cahoots with rangers in the park there is nothing that I can do now because I lost a lot of money, and my children are sitting at home because there is no way they can go to school because they stole the cows I used to support them with,” a farmer says.

VIDEO: A Mozambique-based syndicate blamed for Malamulele stock theft 

Meanwhile, the Park’s Head of Rangers Richardt Sowery says they are working hard to stop the rustler syndicate.

“I got a call on Saturday evening to say we getting information this side of Punda Maria gate that some of the cattle is being stolen so we deployed some of our rangers and we got information that some of our rangers saw the syndicates try to arrest them and they got away,” says Sowery.