Russia, Ukraine are currently too far apart to consider any kind of mediation: Dr Ettang

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Senior politics lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Doctor Dorcas Ettang says Russia and Ukraine are currently too far apart to consider any kind of mediation.

The partial ceasefire that Russia announced yesterday is reported to have failed.

The Russian Defence Ministry announced that its forces in southern Ukraine would stop their firing around the cities of Mariupol and Volnovakha to allow humanitarian corridors and evacuation of civilians.

Moscow and Kyiv are trading blame over a failed ceasefire plan.

Russia-Ukraine | Russia declares partial ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridors out of Ukraine:

Professor Ettang says it’s important to think of the innocent civilians whose lives are at risk.

“War, many times affects those who are not at the decision-making table, those who are not able to give their voice in formal and negotiating settings.

So, I think it’s important to embrace diplomacy, to put the interest of Ukrainian citizens and their safety on the table, to take into account citizens and their safety and security.

It’s important to embrace diplomacy and come to a true resolution, be willing to make some concessions for the peace of the region.”

Russia said its forces had stopped firing near two besieged Ukrainian cities on Saturday to allow safe passage to civilians fleeing fighting, but officials in one of the cities said Moscow was not fully observing the limited ceasefire.

In the video below, ICC to probe possible war crimes in Ukraine:

The Russian defence ministry said its units had opened humanitarian corridors near the cities of Mariupol and Volnovakha which were encircled by its troops, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered into its 10th day.

But in Mariupol, the city council said Russia was not observing the ceasefire and asked residents to return to shelters and wait for further information on evacuation.

Russia’s defence ministry accused Ukrainian “nationalists” of preventing civilians from leaving, RIA news agency reported.

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