Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU) president Andre Rademan is calling for calm following Deputy President Bantwini Matika’s comments.

Matika took to social media after it was announced that Nick Mallett would assist the Kings in their search for a new head coach following the departure of Deon Davids.

In a Facebook post – which has since been removed – Matika accused Mallett of racism and said he was anti-transformation.

A board meeting will be held this weekend and clubs are expected to address the matter and decide on a way forward.

“We will take appropriate decisions there and implement them and move forward from there. I do admit it’s very unfortunate due to what is happening in EP at the moment – everything is very positive and everything is going so well for the union at the moment. We will address and we will come to a conclusion and make an appropriate statement at the right time,” says  Rademan.

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