Royalty Soapie Awards are calling on creatives and technical workers to submit entries for this year’s award ceremony, which will be taking place in October.

This will be a momentous 5th-year milestone celebration of the awards, showcasing and emphasizing the importance of storytelling in our lives.

As the Awards celebrate a five-year milestone,  they will also be introducing five new categories for the awards.

The founder of the Royalty Soapie Awards, Winnie Ntshabe, has pleaded with the government to acknowledge the industry’s role in society.

“I think if our President can could just really recognise us and see the role that we are playing in shaping our society,” says Ntshabe.

She says the Royalty Soapie Awards introduced a social cohesion award last year to honour shows that have been tackling issues that affect South Africa, including gender-based violence.

Video | The Royalty Soapie Awards call for all creatives, technicals and actors to submit entries