Royal House happy about Khoisan Leadership Bill

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The January Royal House of the Khoi and San in Cape Town has described the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill as a step in the right direction.

The Bill was passed in the National Assembly after the NCOP made amendments to it. The Bill protects and promotes traditional and Khoi-San leadership and has now been sent to the President to sign it into law.

Once it becomes an Act, it will repeal the Traditional Leadership Framework Act.

“I have got mixed emotions about the Bill and its amendments and I am glad that it’s a step in the right direction so that the Khoi and San people can form part of the democracy and are part of  the constitution that we are having as South Africa. We as the Khoi and San have been left out of legislation for more than 300 years and it has carried out in an observer status when it comes to decision main gin all spheres of government. Now it has dawned on us to have a voice and to reap the fruits of what this bill will bring to us as a people,” says Belinda Peterson, Royal House Spokesperson.

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