Ronald Lamola hails Walter Sisulu as courageous and liberal leader

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ANC National Executive Committee member Ronald Lamola has described ANC stalwart Walter Sisulu as a pillar of the governing party. Lamola was delivering the Walter Sisulu memorial lecture on Saturday at Mzinti in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga.

He says the ANC needs to attract more courageous leaders such as Sisulu, who fought for the liberation of the country. Lamola says Sisulu and those who came before him led the party during difficult times. Lamola says that the new generation should learn from the previous leaders of the party.

“He became the very young Secretary General of the ANC at the age of 37, vigorously renewed the ANC.  As we engaged on the programme of renewal we have to remember such values, such people of selfless like Walter Sisulu. They knew that during their time you could not just talk about renewal, you must also renew the leadership of the ANC.  Renew its character, its membership and that these days it’s about even for the region of Ehlazeni, even the ANC in the province and the whole country,” said Lamola at the memorial lecture.

Video| Former President Thabo Mbeki delivers Walter Sisulu Memorial Lecture