Rolling blackouts set to continue

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Eskom says Stage 3 rolling blackouts will continue to be implemented between 5am and 4pm during the day this week, with Stage 4 being implemented in the evenings from 4pm until 5am the next day.

Eskom says this will continue until it provides a further update.

The cash strapped power utility says it has breakdowns at its generating units totalling almost 16 000 megawatts and an additional 6 000 megawatts are undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Expect rolling blackouts for at least the next two years: 22 January 2022:

Meanwhile, On Sunday the Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter said that chances of reaching Stage 8 rolling blackouts have started to recede.

The National Energy Crisis Committee has identified structural faults in the design of new power stations as factors that are contributing to the current electricity supply constraints.

On Saturday, the committee released a 6 month progress update on the implementation of the Energy Action Plan.

It has concluded that the on-going rolling blackouts are due to historical under investment in assets to generate electricity.